2012 The Mayan Calendar Hoax

If I am wrong on this, then there will be no one around to say, "I told you so."

There are too many problems in trying to correlate December 20-21, 2012 (winter solstice) of today's calendars with the ancient calendars of the Mayans or any other alleged calendars from antiquity.

First, and most important, did the Mayans begin their calendar somewhere in the middle of Earth time? Could they have possibly known that Earth is some 4.6 billion years old (give or take a millenia)? Or did they begin 13 plus trillion years ago at the beginning of the universe as we know it? Or are they marking since the dawn of Man? Do they even know the date of the dawn of Man? Perhaps they simply started day one at the beginning of the Mayan civilization.

If they knew the end, then they should have known the beginning.

If we can't pinpoint our humaniod beginnings on this planet, then how the hell could we even get started in nailing down the time of our demise? We damn sure don't have a clue about that and we do know some shit. A lot of shit.

See, this whole concept of time is twisted. We've been chasing it since we began our species on this planet. Personally, I think time is a non-existent in that, if I were to carry my watch to Mars, my watch would be so irrelevant that it would be reduced to jewelry and nothing more. This would be true of any point in the universe except here on Earth.

It seems to me that if there were some applicable date pointing to our demise and it could be known thousands of years ahead of time, then it would be based upon something larger than our civilization as a species. It would have to be some sort of universe driven hierarchical sequence laid out by some overlord or deity. I'm pretty sure that the Mayans had no clue that we would all die of AGW or thermo-nuclear war or President Obama or what ever else lies ahead of us.

Let's face it, our killer is not known yet and I doubt the Mayans could possibly know, since it didn't work out very well for them, if they expected to make it to 2012.

I find it difficult to believe that the Mayans would build a calendar out of stone from their beginning to what? Infinity? Hardly. No one could ever illustrate a calender detailing every day from a certain point in time to infinity. Point being, you build what you need for the moment and as time passes, you build the next pages or tablets.

I'm certainly not interested in obtaining a calendar for the year 2020 until I need it. I believe the Mayans, since they were hammering out of stone, probably lived the same way. Never mind that they are now an extinct civilization. If you ask me, I'd say they've already missed the end of their days. They over shot...by a very long way. If they knew about the end of time, then surely they could have predicted the end of, well, the Mayans. Right?

Now, I can understand why others would propagate such a hoax. Look how many have profited from books, movies, etc. Look how many WILL profit over the coming months and years?

My final item of skepticism is that we already know that our calendar is off from all other previous calendars but honestly, no one knows by how far we might off from the ancients. Many believe that the Mayan end correlates to October 2011, other believe we are off by 130 years (I have no clue if we are fore or aft).

Of course, there could be some dark metaphysical black druidian sorcerer with a magical staff made of pure prophecy and oraclical stuff out there who knows for a fact when we will witness the end, but my bet is that he would be mum on the subject until such time that he would maximize his benefit.

Personally, I think there are better calendars to follow than the Mayan's.

Like I said, if I am wrong, then be sure to rub it in my face on 12-22-2012.


  1. Well, having an anthropology degree, I can tell you with great affirmation the Mayan calendar does NOT say the world will end, only that there will be a change coming, which could mean anything from the iTampon to the new non-fat latte flavor at Starbucks.

    And having logic on our side, I would have to say you are correct in your summation ;)

  2. Yes, the detail in your concluding calendar exceeds the Mayan petroglyphs.

    Except for the human sacrifices, maybe.

  3. Well, as I understand it the "change" part is even speculative. Frankly, even though they built pyramids, they still hadn't done much in the way of industry or progress. I'll never understand why we put so much emphasis on how amazing it is that old civilizations perform such trivial feats as aligning rocks to the solstice and equinox or making canaders matching up with said solar events.

    ...and there are better calanders than that, if you can believe it, cbullitt. I know. I've seen them.

  4. There are actually more than 7 million Mayans living today. They are in fact the largest group of indigenous people living on earth today, so their prime time as a civilization might be over long time ago, but they are definitely NOT extinct as many people seem to believe.

  5. look god said which the bible said when peace comes to the world judment day will come and lets face it when will any country have peace i dought it will be in2012 soposible judgement day was may25 2011 did it happend if your reading this i dont think so n the world was supostto,supostto end 1996,1999,2000,2005 but non of hat happend now there saying may 2011,2012,and2028 not happening all of theres are copied facts

  6. there's also a hint of beleif in you. it's undeniable. it's intuition.

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