US v. AZ

This whole case is maddening. This, while Obama continues to lose the Independent voter support. I wonder how long it will be before his Democ support begins to fade.

According to Fox News:
S.B. 1070 has subjected the United States to direct criticism by other countries and international organizations and has resulted in a breakdown in certain planned bilateral and multilateral arrangements on issues such as border security and disaster management," the suit claims. "S.B. 1070 has in these ways undermined several aspects of U.S. foreign policy related to immigration issues and other national concerns that are unrelated to immigration.
Undermines national security? Excuse me?

The suit cites Mexican President Felipe Calderon's May address to Congress where he blasted the Arizona immigration law and a travel alert Mexico's Foreign Ministry issued in late April for Mexicans visiting Arizona.
Wait..what? Visitors?

This is pure abomination of American rights as citizens. What I can't figure out is why the hell the States aren't bringing suits against the federal government. Every US citizen should be fighting against this sort of infiltration. One needs to look no further than Lebanon, Afghanistan and any of the African countries to see what insurgency looks like.


  1. Oh hello where are all your posts? No 4th of July post? fireworks? Or how hot it is in Texas? Good thing its almost September and college football season--then there will be something to talk about eh? ;)

  2. Well, we as individuals can't sue the government for inaction, but the States can, right? I believe OK, UT, and one other state are preparing legislation that is identical to Az's, and are willing to weather a suit if the gov't is stupid enough to do so.

    The administration, in bringing up Calderon, has shot itself in the foot. Instead of trying to strengthen what little argument they have, they basically said, "You hurt their feewings, you big meanie" to AZ, thus proving this is an ideological battle, and not a legal one.

  3. Get me inside 800 yards.


Your point being?