Yes, this is the insecticide that used to I murdered my garden.

What I now know about Malathion:

 - I bought a quart of the hellish substance. I should have known that since it didn't come in a spray bottle, it wasn't ready for immediate use. Once I peeled off the label and read the instructions, the quart was supposed to be diluted times 48 gallons of water. Think about a quart bottle of oil versus and oil drum. Dangit!

- Malathion has a military use. It's called Serin Gas. Yes, the very same nerve gas found in some of Saddam's weapon stockpiles and also, what he used against the Kurds a few decades ago.

- Malathion smells really, really bad...even after a week-full of rain and a week full of evaporative sun.

I have to wonder how this stuff is even legal to buy at the local mega-home-improvement-marts. Crikey!

Makes me also wonder why I had to buy AMDRO for my ant hill problem. I can make 48 gallons of anti-ant nerve gas solution with little or more than adding an oil drum full of water.

All this explains why after application, my garden lasted 60 seconds before folding up like the Democ voting base.


  1. ACME DARTS?? Great name :)

    At least you have a good reason why your garden died!!

  2. I don't need to kill my garden...I have deer.

  3. Who needs the medieval technique of salting an enemy's fields? A little dab of Mal will do...

    Jeez, did smoke rise from the plants when you applied it?

  4. OH HEY HO where are you????


Your point being?